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Warrenton Baptist Church 



Prayer is a special way to commune with God.  It is expressed both privately and corporately as God’s people gather for worship.  Just inside the front entrance of our church, you will find a room set apart for prayer.  Also, just across the street, our church maintains a Meditation Garden for the purpose of prayer.

Bible Study


The Bible is a great gift from God that invites us to allow it to guide and shape our lives.  Within its pages we find encouragement, direction, inspiration, authority and Gods grace as lived out in the life of Jesus Christ.   We study God’s word to seek God’s revelation and to hear God speak to our lives.  We believe God still speaks today, and it is in and through scripture that we learn to recognize His voice.

Sunday School

Sunday School Teachers:


   Mary Catherine Harris     Robert Davie     Butch Meek


Dr. Jimmy Crenshaw                 Claude Burrows


Lectionary Study Group


Initiated by Warrenton Baptist several years ago, the lectionary study group has become an ecumenical gathering, meeting currently by Zoom on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m.   Coming with a prayerful commitment to read the lectionary texts and to consult at least one commentary, the participants spend about an hour seeking to hear and discuss what the Spirit may be communicating.   All are welcome to join this time of exploring Scripture together.  Anyone wishing to participate by Zoom may receive the necessary information for joining by emailing the church at

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