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Warrenton Baptist Church 

About Us

Our Vision

   Our mission is to seek to know Christ and to make Christ known.


   In the next three years we will seek to accomplish this mission by:


    1. Glorifying God through authentic worship.

        We will make the worship of God our top priority.


   2. Becoming a church of prayer.

       We will provide opportunities for both private and public prayer.


    3.  Building genuine, caring relationships to introduce persons to Jesus Christ.

We will be a welcoming community that practices love and hospitality among ourselves and the wider community.


     4. Strengthening disciples through establishing small group Bible studies.

We will facilitate personal growth and spiritual formation in Sunday School, Wednesday Bible study, and home Bible studies.


      5. Ministering to the needs of families by reestablishing children and youth ministries.

 We will promote age-appropriate Christian education, missions, and music programing for

 children and youth.


      6. Seeking to understand the people of our community and their needs.

 We will complete a MissionInsite demographic study and Quadrennium project analysis

 to  discover the religious beliefs, preferences, and practices of people living in the 27589

 zip  code area.


     7. Partnering with other groups to meet human needs.

We will build local, denominational, and ecumenical partnerships to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people.


      8. Sharing the gospel both at home and abroad.

          We will provide opportunities for local and international mission projects.


      9. Strengthening our on-line presence.

          We will update our church website and explore ways to expand our cyber ministries.


   10. Celebrating our rich heritage with a 175th Anniversary Commemoration in 2024.

         We will plan a month-long April focus with Homecoming Sunday on April 28, 2024.

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